Project Deliverables

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      From start to finish, we handle everything to make your transition to solar an easy and stress-free experience. Your journey to solar starts here with our nine-step process.

      • We review all the paperwork, contracts and financial documents for accuracy.
      • We conduct an internal review of your solar design.
      • We schedule a site survey, and send our certified NABCEP electricians to confirm your home's current electrical system for safety and code compliance reviews. We also examine your roof's condition and confirm its dimensions.
      • Our electricians review your site survey pictures to identify any electrical hazards that could require repairs prior to the solar system's installation.
      • If deficiencies are identified, we'll schedule a meeting with you to review our findings.
      • Once all internal reviews are approved, our certified engineers will produce blueprints to be submitted to your local municipalities.

      1-3 MONTHS
      (1- 90 days)

      • Our permitting team reaches out to your municipality to obtain all the necessary permits and fees required.
      • Once requirements are established, we gather and submit all the engineering plans, blueprints, structural letters and fees to the municipality for approval. (Some municipalities require us to attend a board meeting.)
      • The permitting team performs the solar systems electrical calculations for the utilities grid system.
      • We submit the electrical calculations and your signed interconnection agreement to your utility company for review and approval.
      • The utility company reviews the production rate of the solar system and the impact it'll have on their grid system. They may require certain upgrades to be made before the system can be installed.
      • We perform any electrical upgrades required for your home prior to your solar systems installation.
      • Once we receive approvals from your utility company and municipality, we call you to schedule an installation date.

      3-6 MONTHS
      (91-180 days)
      • Your solar system gets installed and commissioned.
      • Before we leave, we take pictures of the installation and send them to our Quality Control department for review.
      • Upon gaining clearance from Quality Control, we schedule a post inspection with your local inspector (as required by utility companies and municipalities).
      • Once the inspection passes, the inspector submits their report to the utility company and municipality for a final review.
      • At the same time, we submit the second part of your interconnection agreement to the utility company.
      • The utility company reviews the inspection report, then grants us permission to activate your solar system.
      • Your Project Coordinator contacts you to introduce our monitoring app and its features. 
      • Next, your Project Coordinator submits your PennAEPS number to register your system to sell your REC's.
      • Upon receipt of your PennAEPS number, we schedule the initial submission of your information to SRECTrade so you may finalize your account with them.

      6-9 MONTHS
      (181-270 days)

      (All timelines and timeframes are estimations only, external forces may cause delays and extend durations and times.)


      In-Home Consultation & Energy Analysis 

      We model your site, design your solar system and compute your financial returns. We also assign you with a dedicated project coordinator, who will provide you with updates as your project progresses. Step-one highlights include:

      • Designing New Solar System with Industry Leading Software
      • Analyzing Project ROI
      • Meeting Project Coordinator

      2. SITE SURVEY

      On-Site Survey

      We visit your site to identify any risks that may occur,  gather measurements, and take high resolution photos to prepare your project. Step-two highlights include:

      • Identifying Risks & Obstacles
      • Taking & Gathering Measurements
      • Documenting Your Site


      Engineering & Designing Your Solar System

      We use the results of the site survey to determine the structural integrity of your roof, verify your system's design, and create professionally engineered, code compliant plans/blueprints. Step-three highlights include:

      • Determining Structural Constraints
      • Verifying System Designs
      • Adhering to Code Compliances
      • Creating Professionally Engineered Plans/Blueprints


      Permitting & Interconnection

      We submit all the applicable paperwork required to obtain installation approvals for your project. We also work with your utility company for approval on interconnection, which provides you with access to net metering. Step-four highlights include:

      • Identifying Agencies
      • Preparing & Submitting All Permit Applications
      • Gaining Access to Net Metering


      Construction & Installation

      Our team contacts you to schedule your installation date. Then on installation day, our professional in-home electricians and certified PV technicians arrive on-site to install your new solar system. Depending on the project, most systems and panels will be installed in 1-2 days. Step-five highlights include:

      • Verifying Install-ability
      • Scheduling Installation Date
      • Installation Completed by Professional Electricians & Certified PV Technicians 


      Quality Control & Inspection

      We review high resolution photos and verify system functionality, ensuring your system meets our quality standards. We then arrange for a third party inspection to be conducted on-site. Step-six highlights include:

      • Reviewing Installation
      • Verifying Functionality
      • Scheduling Necessary Inspections 


      Interconnection & Activation

      We work with the inspection agency and your utility company to obtain final approval to activate your new solar PV system. Meanwhile, your project coordinator will introduce you to your new solar PV system. Step-seven highlights include:

      • Obtaining Final Agency Approval
      • Activating Your Solar System
      • Learning How to Use/Manage Your System 

      8. RECs

      Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

      Our team will file and submit all the required paperwork for any state renewable energy credits that are applicable to you.  Step-eight highlights include:

      • Filing for State Certification Numbers
      • Setting Up Auto-Reporting


      The Final Step: Verifying The System's Production

      We will review the performance of your solar system to ensure that it exceeds your expectations and fulfills all of our guarantees. Step-nine highlights include:

      • Completing a Performance Review
      • Customer Success