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Referral Policy:  Our standard referral amount is $50 per kw of the installed system attributed to the person being referred, up to $1,000.  Referrals that are registered within 3 days of the referrers signed contract are eligible for double the standard referral amount, up to $1,000.  ReNu reserves the right to modify or alter the referral amounts.  Payments for referrals will be made after the referred system has been installed and is operating and are as per the referral policy at the time of payment.  Referrals must be registered in writing via the ReNu portal, the ReNu feedback form at the time of the appointment, or emailed to a representative of ReNu.  If the referral is emailed, ReNu reserves the right to ask for substantiation of the date of the email.   Referral names already in ReNu's system will not be credited, unless the record has no activity for 90 days.  Contracts through ReNu authorized dealers may not be eligible for referral payouts by ReNu.